dafero founder, Lina Zdruli, had to stick to a strict gluten-free, processed-foods-free diet for two months to recover from stomach issues developed while travelling. The ultimate sweet-tooth, she learned how to make delicious treats without any sugar, wheat or butter, using homemade date spread as a base for almost all her treats, from decadent to brownies to crunchy peanut butter cookies to blueberry crumble pie. 

A friend introduced her to Safa, who was accepted to the US as a refugee with her husband and four young children. Safa is the head of the household as her husband has a debilitating back injury, so the two women were thinking of ways to help her and other refugee women in the area find flexible work arrangements while learning English and begin integrating in their communities. That's how dafero started - as a way to "spread" their love for dates and employ other refugee women. 

With love,

dafero team


Our Delicious Date Spread is made exclusively with dates. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no added sugars or coloring. All our Delicious Date Spreads are made in small, handmade batches made weekly. Each jar lasts up to three months when refrigerated.


8 oz jar



3 8 oz jars in a gift set with a hand-written note (note optional)